Call for Participation


NuttX 2019: 1st International Workshop
and Open Access Meetup

Supported by ChampagneWebs, EBV, Infineon, NXP, Sony Corporation, ST and Technolution

July 16 – 17, 2019
Gouda, NL


NuttX is a BSD licensed real-time operating system (RTOS) with an emphasis on standards compliance and small footprint. First released in 2007 it is scalable from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller environments with APIs primarily guided by the relevant Posix and ANSI standards. Additional APIs originate from Unix and other common RTOSes.

The OS is widely used across industry and academia, and the time has come for the community to meet up to raise its profile, exchange information about its application and set the agenda for it’s future development. This first ever NuttX physical event is kindly supported (in alphabetic order) by ChampagneWebs, EBV, Infineon, NXP, Sony Corporation, ST and Technolution. The generosity of these organizations means that there will be no entry fee to attend.



The scope of the workshop is the Nuttx Real Time Operating System, the tools used for its design, development, deployment, debugging and maintenance, the applications which use it and the hardware on which it typically runs. The target audience is embedded systems practitioners across both industry and academia.



NuttX 2019 has four primary objectives; (i) To allow the developers and users of NuttX to meet up for the first time, to network together, exchange ideas and to understand their mutual needs and aspirations for the OS. (ii) To agree on directions for the future development of NuttX and to coalesce development groups to work on these initiatives. (iii) To raise the profile of NuttX and allow potential adopters from around the world to see how widely it is already used and (iv) to understand how we can make the development process for NuttX more diverse and robust.



NuttX 2019 comprises two separate, but closely associated, events; The International Workshop and the Open Access meetup. Both events are free to attend but obviously cost money to put on, so candidates are bound on their honor to attend once accepted. The process for participation in each is slightly different as detailed below;

The International Workshop shall be arranged as a combination of lectures and open workshop sessions. Reference hardware has been donated by the supporters of the workshop and each participant will receive an Infineon XMC4500 Relax, NXP MIMXRT1060-EVK and Sony’s Spresence CXD5602 board. To promote ease of interworking participants are encouraged to use these boards when other specific hardware functionalities are not needed, but they are welcome to use other hardware if they prefer. NuttX itself is explicitly vendor neutral.

Participation at the workshop shall be limited to 70 attendees and we strongly prefer delegates that will contribute to the event so Active Participants will be selected in preference to passive attendees.  Active participation may take many forms including a demonstration, a short lecture or perhaps a workshop session; all proposals will be considered with a duration from 20 minutes (simple presentation) to 120 minutes (interactive workshop session). Active participation proposals should be declared by 29th April via the links available at Successful candidates will be informed of the success of their application by 6th May. Passive attendees may apply up to 24th May 2019 and shall be informed of their success by 30th May 2019.

The Open Access Meetup shall take place on the evening of Jul 17 and is intended to be a ‘birds of a feather’ event for people from the Netherlands and nearby countries. The meetup is sponsored by EBV and shall take the form of presentations and demonstration sessions using the STM32L152C-DISCO. Applications to attend the Open Access Meetup will open on 30th May 2019 with immediate confirmation of attendance on a first come first served basis. It will close on July 8th.



Materials from sessions at the International Workshop will be made available at after the event.



Participation proposals deadline: 29th April 2019
Participation proposals acceptance notification: 6th May 2019
Passive participants application deadline: 24th May 2019
Passive participants acceptance notification: 30th May 2019

Outreach Event registration opens: 30th May 2019

NuttX 2019 International Workshop: 16-17 July 2019

Outreach event: 17th July 2019 (evening)



Dave Marples, Technolution BV
Greg Nutt, NuttX Foundation, Costa Rica
Alan Carvalho de Assis, Keenix Tech, Brasil

The organisers may be contacted via email at



The workshop committee will assess the proposals of each of the active participants and also provides guidance and oversees the overall structure of the event. It comprises, in alphabetic order;

Alan Carvalho de Assis – Keenix Tech, Brazil
Masayuki Ishikawa – Sony Video & Sound Products Inc., Japan
Greg Nutt – NuttX, Costa Rica
Dave Marples – Technolution, NL
Anthony Merlino – Verge Aero, USA
Ken Pettit – IQ-Analog, USA
David Sidrane – NscDg, USA
Mateusz Szafoni – NuttX, Poland
Xing Xiao – Pinecone/Xiaomi, China